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Activate Clinical Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy


"As an Assistant Referee in the Aviva Rugby Premiership, an Ultra Marathon runner and a Director of Sport at a successful sports college, having a pair of legs that work properly is important. With age creeping up on me pains and aches become the norm. Therefore it was a real blessing to meet Paul Groombridge at a local rugby tournament just over a year ago. With legs rapidly stiffing up during a day of competition, the ten minute massage he provided proved a blessed relief to tired limbs. From that day regular sessions with Paul have been conducted in a very professional, reliable, caring and most importantly, effective way.

A talented man, who knows his subject I would recommend him to anyone.

Nigel Carrick

Professional Rugby Union assistant Referee

Director of Sport

Assistant Principal

"When I first saw Paul, I had a painful knee that was compromising running, and a back that had been stiff and achy for years. Now my back is enormously better, and I have just completed my first half marathon.

I have been consistently impressed with Paul's knowledge, professionalism and good humour. Sports massage is not simply a relaxing bit of pampering; it is a real treatment, which produces real results. I am very glad I picked up the phone"

Emily - Dentist

"I am a professional conductor and Music Director, who suffers with the same sort of muscular stiffness & soreness like any athlete or sportsman, and have been benefiting enormously from sports massages over several years, on a 'must have', regular basis. I must have worn out so many sports massage therapists over the years, whose skill and professionalism has always enabled me to continue my work - and I have always sought help from those trained at the London School of Sports Massage.

Paul, is however, one of the best of about a dozen I have had - and all trained here. He is professional, yet friendly, and understands all my muscular problems - and sorts them, quickly, and effectively.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who wants a brilliant sports or remedial massage!"

Ian - Conductor and Music Director

"I have had several deep tissue massage sessions with Paul and he has helped me greatly. I have always felt comfortable, cared for and in good hands on his table.

Paul is a professional, respectful, and attentive practitioner and i would definitely recommend him."

Paola - Osteopath

Reprinted with kind permission

"Dear Paul,

You may be interested to hear my hip/knee/back, have been brilliant since my session with you. The next day I saw vast improvement, my knee has stopped burning and I hesitate to say I am virtually (compared with how I was before I saw you) pain free. At the moment, just a small soreness/stiffness in the front of my hip joint, but nothing to complain about at all. Within 24hrs I could walk normally again, using my hips, which I haven't done for years, even my husband noticed I was walking differently, he'd got so used to me limping. You have no idea how much better I feel, particularly mentally.

Well, done, you are a star and have improved my quality of life considerably.

Many thanks Paula."

Paula - Timber framed building specialist and author

"I visited Paul recently in connection with my torn calf muscle and found him to be really knowledgeable, positive and understanding.

My 3 massage treatment sessions helped to loosen the fibres in the soft tissues of my calf and hamstring. I certainly felt the benefit of his massage techniques in which he was able to pin-point particular problem areas with great expertise and therefore helped to reduce the stiffness. Paul was able to suggest specific exercises, he was most encouraging and gave sound advice on improving my mobility.

I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending Paul for the treatment of sports injuries and for remedial therapy."